Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson (1948 - )
Canadian ceramicist

I spent my early childhood in smalltown midwestern USA, surrounded by miles and miles of cornfields. I remember the corn was still a lot taller than I was, when my family decided to pull up stakes and move to California.

My interest in art began shortly after our move out west. School up to this point in my life had been your typical 1950s three-story brick horror show, boys lined up at one door and girls lined up at the other, and God help you if you did not conform. The school I found myself in after our arrival in California was unimaginably different. It was attached to a university, I believe, and was exploring new directions in education. Luckily for me! What I remember the most clearly is that we were allowed (within prescribed limits, of course) to do Anything we Wanted, yes Really, once we had done the academic work we were required to do each day. And what I discovered I wanted to do most was draw, and paint, and generally just "make stuff".

My stay at that school was all too short, unfortunately, but it was long enough to wake up the artist in me. Throughout the rest of my childhood and adolescent years I always knew "making art" was what I really wanted to do, what I loved doing the most.

Cindy at the wheel

In the late 60s I met and married my first husband, and we moved to Canada. The marriage did not last, but my love for Canada did, and I have lived here ever since.

I discovered clay and the potter's wheel in the late 70s, when I was a young single mother living in Roberts Creek, BC. I knew immediately that I had found "my medium". I was a fairly quick study, and by the the early 80s was making pottery professionally, selling my work in craft fairs and retail outlets up and down the coast.

Cindy in Studio

In the late 1980s I moved to Vancouver, regretfully putting my pottery equipment in storage for several years while I went back to university. During this time King and I met and married (and so far have been living happily ever after!). In 1995 we were able to buy an artist's live/work studio, a dream come true for both of us. I was finally able to set up a clay studio again, and have been happily playing in the mud ever since.

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