king anderson
King Anderson (1941 -)
Canadian painter, photographer, collage/photomontage artist and videographer.

I grew up on Vancouver Island and in West Vancouver, BC. From 1961-1964 I studied drawing, painting and design with Tak Tanabe, Reg Holmes, and Roy Kiyooka amongst others at the Vancouver School of Art.

My art work has been influenced by Surrealism, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, the Canadian Group of Seven, the Beat Generation, Psychedelia and Astronomy. During the past 40 years I've had lots of solo shows and have been in many curated and juried exhibitions. Numerous art works are in corporate and private collections. See my CV for details.

In the 1960s I produced a series of photo-based, pop art inspired collages on canvas that received some notoriety. I also shot many black & white photographs. I embraced and explored the counter-culture lifestyle of that era.

During the 1970s I designed bookmarks for Duthie's bookstores in Vancouver. I also began a long-term relationship with the Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver, BC, building model landscapes that are still on prominent display today. Also during the 1970s I started Rain Forest Music, writing my own songs and and playing my custom-made 12-string guitar. Performing music took me to many areas of Canada, California, the Caribbean, Mexico and Guatemala.
king and walls collage
King with his mixed-media collage titled "Walls" at The Globalized Environment exhibition, Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sechelt, BC, August 2002

My many years near the beach at Roberts Creek, BC inspired a series of landscapes called "The Edge of the World". At the same time I also worked on a series of exotic newspaper montages. During the late 80s at my studio in downtown Vancouver, I produced and exhibited more exploratory, experimental paintings and collages. I also shot hundreds of 35 mm colour slides of local art and artists.

Through the 1990s I made more photo-based art works on canvas, using my own photographs. I also began exploring the world of moving images, producing video documentaries on the Vancouver art scene. The Blinding Light!! Cinema screened the resultant Blue Pony Videos. I continued to build model landscapes and interactive displays at the Ecology Centre. From 1999 to 2005 I was on the board of directors for the Artropolis art exhibitions.

Now in the first decades of the 21st century, my fascination with photography, with light and paint, with mass media and the internet, with the look of water, horizon and sky, all continue to provide inspiration for new paintings and photo-based collages.

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