I Don't Have to Smoke
An up-tempo, jug band-inspired tune with upbeat philosophy included. King on 12 string & vocals, Dennis on 6 string.
Traces ©
An introspective tune, co-written with and based in part on a poem by Barbara Williams. King on 12 string & vocals, Dennis on 6 string.
The Black and White Blues
A stream of consciousness, talkin' blues, folk rap. King on 12 string & vocals, Dennis on 6 string.
Steppin' Stones
An up-tempo love song with a Caribbean flavour. King on 12 string & vocals, Dennis on 6 string.
Sailing Ship ©
Written by Bob Carpenter and performed with Michael Katz on 6 string and Jim Salmon on percussion. Recorded live at SFU by Bruce Forsyth Audio.

King and Brent 1957
King and Brent rehearse Be-Bop-A-Lula for a high school dance, 1957

My first guitar was a curved top, f-hole Stuart, which I played with Brent Titcomb and his Harmony guitar at West Van High in 1957. At school we played our guitars with Hahle Gerow and girlfriends, who sang delightful three part harmonies. Later I had a classical guitar made in Mexico, on which I played drunken flamenco at late night art school parties in the early '60s.

In '64 I heard Robbie Basho from California play his old Mexican 12 string guitar and fell in love with its sound. So I bought a broken Mexican 12 string from the PH Phactor Jug Band from Seattle and fixed it up, worked on my finger picking, played the 12 strings with a copper slide and explored open tunings. In the winter of '73-'74 I had the Mexican 12 string rebuilt by an excellent guitar maker, making it better sounding and much easier to play.  It is still my main guitar today.

Around 1970 I hung out and jammed with artist /musician Frank Linkert. Frank sold me his Yamaki 12 string before going on a trip to Europe. With the Yamaki 12, I accompanied Brent Titcomb in a concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Then we went on tour and played in Toronto, Jamaica and Los Angeles. Brent and I formed Rain Forest Music to copyright and publish the songs I wrote at the time. I still have the Yamaki guitar and now play it as a 6 string or a 9 string.

In Roberts Creek I wrote many songs and played a lot them with Hahle Gerow, Jesse Clark and Dennis James. Hahle was an excellent singer and also a prolific song writer. Dennis, as well as being a crack bass player, is an excellent six string, finger picker. On this site you can hear us playing together.

King and Denny, 1978
Dennis James and King Anderson, summer 1978
In 1975 Paul Hovan organized the Honey Box tour, with Jim Salmon on percussion, Michael Katz on 6 string guitar, me on 12 string, and Bruce Forsyth, the wizard sound man. That was a fun summer here on the west coast.

Through Brent Titcomb, I got to play gigs at the Hovel Coffee House in Edmonton, one with Dennis James and one with Hahle Gerow. Our music was recorded at radio station CKUA by Holger Peterson. Also in the '70s I played with guitarists Clarke Steabner and Andrew Krumins at coffee houses in Roberts Creek and in Vancouver, BC.

Around 1980 I met Terry Cowderoy who played music with mutual friend, Sam Dill.  Terry played blistering electric blues and rock 'nd roll. Sam played solid reggae chops on his electric guitar and sang with great feeling. They asked me to play electric bass for them, and Full Watts was born. We had a lot of fun playing a number of gigs at the local Legion and the Roberts Creek Community Hall. There are some recordings featuring Terry and Sam that are still favorites from that era.

Terry collaborated musically with local poet, Peter Trower. Terry asked Sam and I to join him, and together we formed Peter's back-up band, affectionately known as The Industrial Accident. The concert we played with Peter at the Arts Centre in Sechelt was particularly well received. A bootleg recording of that gig may be available some day.

King @ 60
King playing his 12 string at his 60th birthday party, December 2001

In 1991 when Cindy and I got together we discovered many common threads in our musical pasts. On the occasion of our marriage we played 4 songs for the assembled guests. One of Cindy's band mates, Katie, played her violin for us and long time friend, Hahle, played guitar and sang us a number of her songs.

Cindy and I have been together for over 20 years now. Art, photography, video, music, mosaics and pottery continue to be our consuming passions. I only pick up my 12 string occasionally and play it because I do so love its sound.
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